How To Style The Perfect Bedroom

Your bedroom should be your haven, your getaway from the world that you retreat to and look forward to relaxing in after a long day! For me, my bedroom is a room that I want to feel like it’s my own personal space, that reflects my style and plays on my own luxuries including my idyllic style, lush textures, plush pillows, my books, my jewelry and display my favorites pieces of art and decor to enjoy while I get ready for the day or wind down for the night. While we all dream about designing the perfect bedroom it can be challenging!

Styling a bedroom can be real challenge, especially when working with tight spaces.

We asked the very talented Taylor for some bedroom styling tips and furniture layout advice to share with our design savvy readers and here was her expert advice.

1. Bed Placement

“When one stands in a room, it's important to allow yourself to get a sense of where things want to be, it will speak to you. Each room may have multiple placement options for the bed, but I typically choose the wall opposite the door, so you walk into the room, finding a shining beacon before you. It somehow just makes the room feel bigger.“

We agree, being able to visualize your bedroom’s design and create a balanced space plan first is always the most important, and most challenging first step to designing your bedroom! Also, don’t forget the importance of feng shui in a bedroom. We always love to research feng shui bedroom furniture placement such as what direction your feet should point for the best energy!

How To Style A Bedroom


2. Window & Drapes

“That perfect bed wall sometimes has a window that scares people off! But instead of a roadblock, we look at it as an opportunity to create a gorgeous backdrop framing the exterior landscape. To create that visual frame, we love to dress the windows with luxurious drapes to create drama.”

We love encouraging design outside of the box! Layering in textiles and framing the window behind the bed is like adding an additional layer of design to ‘frame the bedframe’ so to speak. We love to play with ornate tie backs or vintage hardware when designing drapery! Check out our Addison Weeks hardware for beautiful tieback ideas.

3. Lighting

“After finding the perfect bed and it's perfect placement, I typically gravitate towards styling the bedroom with a lighting plan. Lighting = ambiance. It becomes the jewels of the room. I start with a great chandelier and add things like sconces, pendants, lamps, candles, etc.”

Layering lighting is key to creating a visually pleasing and inviting environment. Playing with dramatic lighting blended with soft lamp glows, decorative lighting such as sconces on the walls behind the bed and even mixing in candlelight creates a lush bedroom look that you also have total control over! One of our favorite lighting design tricks for bedrooms is to hang pendant lights super low on each side of the bed to use for reading lights without taking up space on your nightstands.

How To Style A Bedroom

4. Personal Style & Decor

“My bedrooms typically edge towards glamor. I gravitate to warmer materials (metals, textures, and woods), then layer supple, soft things like rugs, bedding and blackout drapes.”

This is where you can have fun. Adding in your own personal style is key. We love layering textures and patterns to get a luxe and interesting bedroom design. Your bedroom should speak to who you are, it’s your haven after all! Whether it be your favorite books and journals by your bedside, having a little chaise, mohair throw and drink table to relax on or layering in your favorite scented candles to relax with.

5. Furniture

“As far as furniture goes, we suggest sticking with the classics! A bed frame or headboard, 2 bedside tables with drawers for storage, a dresser, a lamp or two, a plush rug and some wall decor.”

We agree! When it comes to bedroom furniture, the classics are best as you’re also normally a bit limited by space. When space allows, we love to put a bench at the foot of the bed to help get dressed and put your shoes on or rest your handbag on when you get home. We also love to mix in a chaise or comfortable occasional chair with a small drink table next to it to relax on and flip through magazines or books on. Style the room around your lifestyle!

How To Style A Bedroom
When one stands in a room, it's important to allow yourself to get a sense of where things want to be, it will speak to you.

- Taylor Anne Abess

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