Addison Weeks

When Lee Addison Lesley and Katherine Weeks Mulford first started designing jewelry together, they were drawn to the natural beauty of gemstones. Each gemstone, with its own particular cut and quality, was as unique as a painting. In jewelry, each gemstone, Lee and Kat realized, could be as individual as the person wearing it.

Art has always been the shared language between Lee and Kat, Southern designers who have been friends for twenty years. Lee is attracted to Florentine art, inspired by her travels. Kat gravitates towards more modern styles — Pop art and vintage finds. After ten years at Turq Jewelry, the pair saw a need for versatile, high-quality jewelry and launched Addison Weeks in 2012. Though they have different artistic views and influences, Lee and Kat push each other to design pieces that blend their tastes. The resulting collection is classic yet nuanced, and each product is entirely unique.