Alchemy Fine Home is committed to offsetting our carbon emissions by planting mangrove trees in highly effected parts of the world that are responsible for manufacturing some our products. We have partnered with Handprint to find reputable mangrove rehabilitation projects to support. In addition to offsetting manufacturing emissions, we've partnered with Freight Club and 1 Tree Planted to offset carbon emissions that are a result of your shipments.

Mangrove forests help mitigate climate change, pulling massive amounts of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and storing them in their soils — up to four times as much carbon as other tropical forests.


We have partnered with Handprint to find the most critical reforestation projects to support in the most effected parts of the world suffering from deforestation, such as Indonesia. You may wonder, why are we, an American company, supporting mangrove reforestation all the way in Indonesia rather than closer to home?

And that is a fair question. For us, the reason is simple. Climate change is a global problem. The climate does not really care whether we remove carbon from the atmosphere in Miami or in Indonesia. But, if we do it in Indonesia, the secondary benefits, in terms of livelihood support and local economic development are vastly greater than if we work in south Florida (where they also have mangroves). Moreover, Indonesia is also very exposed to adverse weather effects (remember the 2004 tsunami?) and mangroves are proven to diminish the impact cyclones, tsunamis, and hurricanes have once they hit land. These are truly miracle trees.

Due to their ability to absorb carbon, mangrove forests are known as 'carbon sinks' or 'carbon-rich biomes'. By storing excess carbon, they help reduce global warming as there is less carbon dioxide trapped in the atmosphere.

Besides storing heaps of carbon, mangroves also create beautiful habitats where wildlife can thrive. In addition, coastal communities develop economic activities in harmony with mangrove forests such as crab farming and sustainable fisheries. Yagasu works with them to develop these livelihood projects. This ensures that people do not need to return to the chopping down of trees to earn a living. This is how we build long-term sustainable impact. And we could not do it without your help!


In addition to planing mangrove trees in highly effected areas internationally, we partnered with Freight Club and One Tree Planted to offset the carbon emissions for the transportation of your shipment within the USA.

Freight Club offsets 100% of CO₂ emissions on every shipment – at no cost to you. For every shipment you make, we plant trees that will offset carbon emissions from shipping over their lifetime. The initiative supports reforestation across the United States, promoting clean air, clean water, and the prosperity of biodiversity.