If anything sets a mood better than lighting, it might very well be scent. Candles incorporate the best of both. Our stylish collection of fine candleholders and candles will cast an enchanting mood on all of your experiences at home from family meals, to big celebrations. We’ve personally curated this collection to fit just the right home décor style, from contemporary to modern, whimsical to traditional. Our collection has come to you from around the world to infuse your home with the warm glow of candlelight in serious style.

Designed to showcase many different types of candle, our fine candleholders have the power to dress up your tablescape, warm your living room, and elevate your bedroom with stylized sophistication. Our collection allows you to choose from unique, luxury materials like brightly painted porcelain designed by Christian Lacroix, or the primal cast iron with gold leaf finish of Global Views’ Zulu Gold Iron Pillar Candlesticks.

We have also hand selected an array of different shapes of candleholders, from intimate votive holders to stately crystal candlesticks. Populate an unused fireplace with multiples of pillar candles in varying sizes and create a look that is all at once dramatic and cozy. Place exotically colored glass hurricane candleholders along a long serving banquet and spice up the vibe of any holiday party.

Our assemblage of fine candles are wrapped in artful designs worthy of all of the finest moments in your home. They layer the senses with delight, not only casting a stylish warmth, but also, in cases like Thompson Ferrier Cube Candles, the sublime of scents like Tonka-bean vanilla, and smooth musks blended with jasmine, peach nectar and blood orange.

We hope you enjoy dressing your candles and your entire home in our chic collection as much as we did choosing them for you. For candlesticks, remember to keep in mind the size of the candles you want to use them for, as certain styles require a specific shape of holder. Also consider all of the places you want to place your new fine candleholders. Unique spots like wall sconces or along outdoor walkways can really add a dynamic element to your home décor style. But when it comes to the warmth and beauty of candles, you really can’t go wrong. The more the better!