5 Tips to get Jill White Design's Style

Jill White Designs is a luxury design firm based in Little Rock Arkansas that has gained noteriety for her use of bold patterns, unabashed colors and blending materials, textures with high and low to create a look all of her own. We adore her bold style and the way she never shys away from making impactful design decisions that are avant garde and luxurious simultaneously. We asked Jill for her top 5 tips on how to get her style. Read below for inspiration, tips and to explore her drool-worthy projects!

Learn more about Jill White on her featured Design Pro page here. 

Design Tip #1

Bold Wallpaper - The Bold & Bolder

Try bold, fun prints to create a statement wall or room. Think outside the box and use wallpaper in unconventional ways like lining a decorative tray, using as a print in a frame or applying to outdated furniture.

Design Tip #2

Mix Different Textures and Finishes

The number one question asked is if it’s okay to mix metals and the answer is yes! Push yourself out of your comfort zone and spice things up by using finishes that compliment each other rather than matching. Add several different textures throughout your room to give a layered look.


Statement Lighting

Take your room to the next level by adding lighting that catches your eye whether that be a large chandelier or a funky floor lamp.

Design Tip #4

Black and White

Black and white is a contrasting statement in itself! Use black and white staples throughout then pair with individual elements of color and pattern.

Design Tip #5

Mixing High and Low

Find unique, higher end pieces that you are comfortable spending more money on and pair them with “catalog” items. For example, splurge on the chandelier that is becoming a permanent fixture in your house and buy less expensive lamps to complement.

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