Wedding Registry 101 : What's your Tabletop Registry Style?

Wedding Registry Tips to Find Your Tabletop Style 

When you start to design your wedding registry, the decisions can be overwhelming when you don't know your personal style well. Like many people, they know what they like but can't quite categorize it or know it by name. We show off our favorite dinnerware, glassware and flatware organized by style to visually quiz yourself and see what styles you're drawn to! 


Is Avant Garde your style? You are edgy, creative and always ahead of the curve. You don’t follow trends, you set them. You are daring with your design sense and have a very artistic vision. Bold colors, hand painted patterns and anything to show off your vanguard style speaks to you. Christian Lacroix's Caribe dinnerware collection is the perfect example of creative and edgy while Nason Moretti's Burlesque wine glasses push the envelope with their bold colors and shape. 


Does Global home decor speak to your personal style?  You are a jet-setter with a love for treasures inspired by your worldly travels. You adore an eclectic, ethnic vibe with organic touches. Ornate patterns, storied impact pieces and icons supporting your, and others, cultures decorate your living spaces.


Are you a lover of Classical home decor style?  You have a penchant for traditional flair with classical lines, Greco-Roman inspiration and a softer side that may speak to your romantic flair. Soft and sumptuous textures, carved woods, beautiful art and architectural details that speak to centuries past. Sophisticated, elegant and timeless. If this sounds like you, you'll probably love the Royal Limoges Margeaux scallopped dinnerware collection, Orio wood handled flatware by Capdeco or the Royal Crystal glassware collection by Moser. 


Is sleek Modern home decor your passion?  You love clean lines, strong shapes and minimal clutter. You are on trend with style but love the classical midcentury modern take on home decor with an updated twist. You may tend to lean towards geometrical patterns and contemporary styles. You are ever so chic!  The modern Venezia collection by Vista Alegre will probably speak to you as well as the Fferone Revolution glassware and black and cream Capdeco Conty flatware. 


Either way, we can help you narrow down your unique style! Here's a breakdown of Dinnerware, Flatware and Glassware by style to help you design your home. Are you more Avant Garde, Classical, Global or Modern? Comment below! 



Shop the Dinnerware collections

AVANT GARDE: Vista Alegre Carrara Marble | Vista Alegre CaribeVista Alegre Butterfly | Vista Alegre Sol y Sombra

CLASSICAL: Deshoulieres Arcades | Royal Limoges Margaux | Royal Limoges Olivier | Vista Alegre Coralina 

GLOBAL: Vista Alegre Blue Ming | Vista Alegre Transatlantica | Deshoulieres Dhara Peacock | Vista Alegre Fiji 

MODERN: Vista Alegre Venezia | Vista Alegre Orquestra | Vista Alegre Domo Platinum | Vista Alegre Emerald Art Deco

flatwareShop the Flatware Collections

AVANT GARDE: Mepra Linea Rainbow Iridescent | Mepra Due Ice Silver | Michael Wainwright Manhattan Gold | Mepra Linea Bronzo 

CLASSICAL: Capdeco Pluton | Capdeco Doric | Vietri Martellato | Capdeco Orio 

GLOBAL: Capdeco Elipse | Vietri Aladdin | Capdeco Byblos | Capdeco Diana 

MODERN: Michael Wainwright Giotto Gold | Capdeco Tang | Capdeco Conty | Mepra Forma Oro Neroglassware

Shop the Glassware Collections

AVANT GARDE: Moser Casanova Crystal | Nason Moretti Burlesque Bourgogne Murano | Nasonmoretti Cote D'Or | Thomas Fuchs Polka Dot 

CLASSICAL: Moser Lady Hamilton | Michael Wainwright Truro | Moser Royal Crystal | Vietri Elegante

GLOBAL: Thomas Fuchs Plume Murano | Vista Alegre Bicos | Nason Moretti Mille Una Notte Colored Murano | Moser Lancelot Colored Crystal 

MODERN: Thomas Fuchs Roly Poly | Fferone Tulip | Fferone Revolution | Moser Crystal Highball 

Still not quite sure what your style is? Take our Style Quiz and get 15% off your next order!

Alchemy Fine Home Style Quiz


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