The Ultimate Chalkboard Cheese Table

Chalkboard Cheese Table Styling Guide

With the holidays among us it's time to get your hostess style ready. Is this the year you'll finally pull out all the stops and be the hostess with the mostess you always knew you were? It's not just what's on the table, it's the styling tricks, the pizzaz and panache that make entertaining so special! 
Nothing is a bigger party hit than a beautiful cheese plate so why not take it to the next level? Who wants to make a cheese plate when you can make a whole interactive cheese table?! For a recent event, I designed an 8 foot long cheese table for the ultimate food station that kept guests nibbling and chatting over it for hours. Whether your guest count is 8 or 80, as was the event below, let us help you recreate this look at home with the right styling tips and cheese servingware pieces

 Chalkboard Cheese Table shopping list

  1. Cheese -  Of course... We love to mix goat, sheeps and cows milk cheeses including hard, soft and semi-soft for a great offering. Super aged gouda, a blue cheese, midnight moon and a truffled pecorino are our favorites! 
  2. Charcuterie - prosciutto, salame and bresaola 
  3. Dried Fruit - apricots and dried cherries 
  4. Fresh Fruit - grapes, sliced apples, persimmon and pomegranates
  5. Nuts - marcona almonds, walnuts and cashews
  6. Honey - honeycomb for extra style points! 
  7. Preserves - apricot and raspberry 
  8. Bread, crackers and breadsticks. Don't forget a gluten free option if needed! 
Chalkboard Cheese Table Alchemy Fine Home

 Chalkboard Cheese Table styling tips 

  1. CHALKBOARD:: Find or make a chalkboard. Start with a smooth plank of wood and chalkboard paint from a hardware store and you can make your own to fit any table or countertop! Get a chalk pen to make writing even easier. 
  2. LAYERS:: Layer on a few large bowls and platters to offer slices of bread. Bring in your marble cheese boards and cheese plates to add depth and different textures. 
  3. HEIGHT:: Use cake plates for height! Layer on crackers, cups of breadsticks and  cute cups and ramekins for honey, preserves and quince paste.
  4. GET MESSY!:: The fun part is styling cheese and accoutrements right onto the chalkboard of course! Dried fruit, nuts and vegetable can be piled up around the center of the table for fun combinations to mix with the cheese. 
  5. WRITE IT OUT:: After you have it all laid out, get out the chalkboard pen and have some fun! With your best calligraphy, write out notes about the cheese and what goes good with what. Suggest pairings and even wines to try with what cheese! 
Ultimate Cheese Table Style Guide
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Chalkboard Cheese Table Alchemy Fine Home
Chalkboard Cheese Table Alchemy Fine Home
Chalkboard Cheese Table Alchemy Fine Home
Chalkboard Cheese Table Alchemy Fine Home
Chalkboard Cheese Table Alchemy Fine Home
Chalkboard Cheese Table Alchemy Fine Home
Big thanks to Venissimo who helped me pull off this fantastic cheese display! 
Think you have what it takes to pull off an ultimate cheese blackboard table? Contact us at for complimentary design help via our Style Concierge to get you holiday ready and help you curate the must have goods for your holiday entertaining. 
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