Summer Dinner Party Ideas - White Party Revamped!

Summer Dinner Party Ideas - Summer White Party Luxury Tabletop

Summer Dinner Party - Rainbow Bright & White

Summer is in full swing! The sun is shining, the weather is hot and it's all about getting together with friends and family to celebrate the season. Forgo yet another casual BBQ and make your next soiree a vibrant summer dinner party with decor and food as bright as the summer sun. As a huge fan of classical dinner parties (I started throwing them in high school!), I decided to start a Summer Dinner Party series with ideas of food, drinks and decor to help bring some style and sophistication to your friendly get togethers. 

We've all seen the classical Summer White Parties, right? Well let's give this tired theme a kick in the pants with a few POPs of color to jump off of the white on white color palette. I love white on white, don't get me wrong. But with some beautiful doses of technicolor home decor, you'll infuse a whole new level of energy into your Summer Dinner Party and stand out from the Jones', I mean, the Diddy's.  



So go big for your white on white home decorations & tables! Layer on various textures of white for a lot more interest such as these midcentury inspired white Ornament dinnerware collection by Vista Alegre which we adore. Shades of white are also alright! These light cream and gold hourglass shaped candlesticks are a wonderful accent for dining, or living room. White candles, white linens, layer on a TON of white throw pillows on white outdoor daybeds. White lace on top of white linen? Why not. It's all about texture. 

Now for the color. With a few selective pops choose impact pieces to stand alone. An exquisite colored Murano wine glass by NasonMoretti along with his brightly hued water glasses make the perfect statement. Ready for the knock out style punch? RAINBOW! Our Rainbow Iridescent Italian flatware by Mepra is such a showstopper and somehow chic and punk rock at the same time. 





Ornament White Charger by Vista Alegre on Alchemy Fine Home

Mepra Rainbow Flatware

Hourglass White and Gold Candleholders by Global Views 

Joseph Williams Quartz and Gold Napkin Ring
Midcentury White Ornament Bread and Butter Plate by Vista Alegre


NasonMoretti Colored Murano Wine Glasss


Colorful Tabletop Dinner party ideas

Nason Moretti Burlesque Wine Glasses | Nason Moretti Dandy Water Glasses | Mepra Rainbow Flatware



You set the mood with your bold home decor to prep for your summer dinner party, now what to serve. Brush up on your culinary skills and show off your artistic side by playing with some fun colorful gourmet dishes that capture the boldness of fresh summer foods. We stalked a few of our favorite foodie Instagram accounts we follow and put together what we think would be quite the kick ass summer dinner party. Not only are the gourmet dishes and drinks boldly colored, but their flavors are as equally as bright!  

Summer Dinner Party Ideas -The updated White Party

Cocktail by Snakeoil Cocktail Co. | Prawn dish by Galyleq | Butterfly Pea Tapioca Pudding by Royale Brat


Above all, have fun and put some love and effort into your summer dinner party and celebrations. The passion always shows! Enjoy life and curate beautiful settings in which to celebrate in. Cheers to summer! 


Live, Dine & Celebrate in Style! 

xoxo, Vanessa Van Wieren

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