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Design above courtesey of @goop

From white washed to soft clay-hued rooms, monotone designed rooms have been all the rage on our IG feeds lately it seems. We're loving seeing these fresh looks that feel simplistic and effortless, when in reality it's a very intentional design that takes discipline and restraint. Without going overboard on one color, blending subtle difference in the same palette is what makes this look feel truly rich and layered. Combining shades of white, shades of gray or shades of putty and clay. While the work that goes into finding a sublte palette may take some careful consideration when selecting the perfect pieces, the results are worth the work!

Design above courtesey of @ninatakesh

While keeping the main elements in the room in a similar color range, adding in a few color pops for contrast is key. We love how Nina Takesh used a black coffee table book and pottery in this room above to make the rest of the soft colors stand out even more.

Another key point is while blending pieces of similar color, add interest by mixing up textures. A room may be soft shades of white, but by mixing velvet, wood, fur and acrylic the richness of the layering is what elevates the room from blah to bravo!

Shop the Brice Sofa

Design above courtesey of @boxwoodhomestaging

Want to get the monotone modern look? Here are some of our designers and customer favorite pieces that are impact pieces to build your monotone room upon and some tips on how to add layers while staying in a similar palette.

Shop the Chloe Media Lounger

Far Studio used the Chloe Media Lounger to create a warm and inviting bedroom reading nook for their client. They paired several shades of white, off white and soft warm browns together in this white room for a warm yet restrained white on white look. Photo by Brian Wetzel.

Shop the Bjorn Collection from Eichholtz

The Bjorn sofa by Eichholtz has been an instant success with designers, architects and design-savvy customers looking for an impact piece in a large home. This curved sofa is modern and sleek with an ultra-soft fabric that make it delicious to curl up on. We love how Goop and Fromental Wallpaper's collaboration campaign featured the Bjorn sofa as a perfect compliment to their detailed hand-painted wallpaper. The home it was shot in has so much organic wood and stone textures that give it an exotic feeling while still fresh and contemporary.

Shop the Indy Stool

This honey-hued modern kitchen designed by CA Home & Design is a perfect example of monotone modern executed in a way that feels warm and inviting. By blending soft warm woods, amber lighting and a beatiful marble, they've accomplished a stunning yet restrained look that feels holistic and seamless. The Indy stools were the perfect complement to not distract from this modern kitchen design with their seemingly floating design thanks to acrylic paneled sides.

Shop the Parker Console

The Parker Console is a designers dream impact piece, and one of ours too! It's interesting shape, fluted edges and unique shape make it so chic while still feeling raw and organic because of the white washed wood. Design by Far Studio. Photo by Brian Wetzel.

Shop the Quadrant Sideboard

The Quadrant sideboard by Noir is making an imact with it's diamond shaped paneling details and gorgeous grained wood. Mixing tones of honey, amber and terracotta a great way to add sublte contrast and still maintain that monotone look. Credit: Pinterest

Shop the Maryl Chairs

The show stopping Maryl chair has been a iconic favorite and for obvious reasons! It's use of cerused wood makes and t-shaped back with brass details make it feel raw, organic yet modern and chic simultaneously. Mixing shades of white, off white and soft taupes would be the perfect complement for this modern organic dining chair.

Shop the Brice Collection

The curvalinear sofa trend is one that we can definitely get behind. The Brice sofa and swivel chair are a perfect choice for a sleek and minimal look while offering a plush and comfortable experience. This versatile duo can be designed to feel ultra glam or understated and organic depending on its surroundings.

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