Four Pink Summer Drinks to Try Now!

4 Must Try Pink Summer Drinks 

Summer is in full swing, the sun is out and baby it's HOT outside!!! We rounded up a few of our favorite summer cocktails and drinks that caught our eye that not only do the job of cooling you down, but are ultra pretty in pink!

What's the only thing better than champagne? Pink champagne!!! (as my hair colorist use to squeal with delight). We came across this Rosé Champagne Granita and instantly went ga-ga for it! This refreshing summer cocktail is the perfect way to cool down whether served as a frozen cocktail or a dessert. Serve it up in a classic champagne coupe and beautiful spoon for extra style points!

Not feeling like an alcoholic treat? Go for a classic choice with a Strawberry and Lime Ice Cream Soda. It screams summer, Americana and will bring out the kid in just about anyone. 4 Pink Summer Drinks to Try Now


Who would have thought that Pokémon would make a comeback all these years later!?! We aren't totally in the know about this renewed craze, but we do know that this pink Pokémon cocktail looks delicious! The adults need to have a little fun while they are running all over town with their kids (or solo) trying to nab the little guy right? Served up in a holiday ornament glass, this pink Pokémon cocktail has all of the right ingredients and style to make it onto our 'Top Pink Summer Drinks' list!


Last but not least, the beautifully hued Foraged Lillymans Beach cocktail by Aussie Cocktails by Kurtis looks elegant, refreshing and absolutely delicious. We love that he served up this summer cocktail in a tall stemless champagne flute, such as our Dearnborn flute! The pop of summer flowers as garnish is just the right touch to add a taste of summer to your glass. 


Pink Summer Cocktail Recipes to Try Now

Pink Pokémon Cocktail | Foraged Lillymans Beach Cocktail

Happy Friday & cheers to you!





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