Style Spotlight: Marie Flanigan Interiors

Known for her effortlessly chic and understated style, Marie Flanigan Interiors is THE go-to designer from Houston to Hollywood. Marie combines modern, industrial, classic and organic styles of furnishings and decor together so seamlessly. Her style is polished, thoughtful yet approachable and livable. We asked Marie to chat about her style and inspirations and here's what the stylista had to say: 

My Style: I would describe my work as tailored, authentic, and curated. I’ve always been drawn to simplicity, believing that we are the best versions of ourselves in the spaces that ease and inspire us. Focused on each client’s unique history and interests, I strive to create environments that elevate the everyday experience of home.


Living Room Style

Key Features: This sophisticated lounge sits at the front of the home serving as the first space you see when you walk through the door. A limestone fireplace, reclaimed wood ceiling beam, and wealth of natural light lay a nature-inspired foundation for tailored, texture-rich décor. Mixed metals reign supreme with layers of iron, bronze, and aged brass handsomely resting among plush textiles and an onyx side table. The chandelier is a personal fave because I was looking for a fixture that could balance out the highly structured pieces below. The construction of this particular piece, aptly named the Ringmaster, had a whimsical edge I couldn’t walk away from! 

Inspiration: My primary source of inspiration is always the clients I serve. Their stories guide my work, breathing life into every inch of the design. When I’m on the hunt for a fresh dose of perspective, you’ll likely find me traveling or perusing works of art in a local museum. Travel, in particular, allows me to observe how other parts of the world approach design, challenging me to reimagine what home can be. I always walk away from new and unfamiliar ground feeling as though I’m seeing the world’s wonders through fresh eyes, and I find that sense of wonder naturally transfers over into my work.  

Design Process: I begin the journey with a discovery phase where we dedicate time to getting to know our clients on a more personal level. Understanding how they use their home and what they value are elements that will play heavily into the details of their design. We then begin technical drawings and room-by-room concepts, followed by budgeting and the ordering of individual furnishings and accessories. We collect all orders in a warehouse, so that each item can be inspected well before it reaches our client’s home. Once everything has arrived, we ask our clients to leave for several days while we install every last detail – down to the picture frames and candles. When they return, we host a grand reveal, which is always a huge celebration! After years of thoughtful planning and preparation, introducing a family to their new home for the very first time is an unforgettable experience.

Why I Love Alchemy Fine Home!: To craft a home that tells your story, it’s so important to invest in unique pieces that reflect your personal sense of style. Alchemy Fine Home allows you to peruse and purchase items that can’t be found at a big-box retailer. From table settings to side tables, the collection is thoughtfully curated, offering shoppable pieces from an assortment of the finest artisans in the industry.

#1 Invest in Art

I advise clients to get a little spend-happy when it comes to art and antiques. Unique objects of interest and superior, well-crafted pieces that serve up an impressive dose of visual interest are always going to tell a fascinating story, creating a home that’s special and uniquely you. Bringing a piece of art home should be a very personal experience, and selections should be made with no regard for surrounding decor. Go for pieces that lend interest and contrast to your home’s established palette and revel in the statement for years to come!

#2 Swap Lighting

With exceptional home goods available at the click of a button, I still find that lighting is my go-to product when I’m trying to make a fast, easy, and dramatic change. There are so many options to choose from and you can spend as much or as little as you like while still managing to handsomely transform your space.


People underestimate the importance of mixing things up! You will rarely find a designer using one vendor or style throughout an entire home, or even throughout one space. Combining eye-catching styles and materials keeps your home feeling fresh and makes crafting an expertly layered space that much more exciting. So, go ahead and pair your grandmother’s antique settee with that contemporary side table you’re lusting after, and feel free to unite polished, highly structured pieces with those that have a raw or rustic flair.


Architectural Interest 

When possible, bring in visual interest through architectural details, like a gorgeously crafted stair rail or arched entry way. While this is most easily done in new home construction, you can also accomplish this through a remodel. Could a wall be taken down to connect two adjoining spaces? Would paneling step up the game in your dining space? Consider the functionality of your home and whether certain structural edits might enhance your daily experience.


Breaking the rules when it comes to scale can be a really fun way to layer in interest. Whether it’s an oversized light fixture in a petite space or a low-profile chair in a grand one, weaving moments of the unexpected throughout your home makes a powerful impact!


Brynn Stool

Statement making yet simple. Acrylic, brass and grey velvet details make this deco piece fun and lush! 

Palace PassaGe Mirror

Inspired by the central passage in the Governor’s Palace in Williamsburg, Virginia

Benoit Lounge Chair

Evoking a Danish, midcentury silhouette, the design features distressed taupe faux leather &  vintage grey-finished wood frame.

Onyx Tray

This luxurious Bliss Square Scalloped Tray in Onyx has gorgeously shaped edges that evokes a classic style.

Lilac Stream

An abstract painting featuring gorgeous shades of lilac, blues and whites for a calming vibe! 

Cashmere Throw

The Fleck Boucle Throw is a simple and delicate blanket with colored specks that transforms itself from subtle to luxurious.

Maci Side Tables

Fabulous nested together or arranged apart, Nesting Tables have a glamorous kick thanks to their gold reactive glass surfaces.

Ayler Sofa

A fresh interpretation of a classic couch, the Ayler Sofa surrounds with comfort and is available in a range of sumptuous neutral fabrics.

Manchester Marble Table

A hammered iron base supports a light marble top to simple, yet stunning effect


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