Discover the Power of Greenery - the Pantone Color of the Year!

New Year, New You, blah blah blah… We’ve always heard ‘how we can start the New Year with fervent new passion and a clean start.’ But aren’t we always evolving to be our better selves? Why don’t we work on bettering our environment this time! Nothing evokes tranquility more than a beautiful and serene environment. Move over green juice cleanse, it’s time for a green home décor cleanse with Pantones Color of the Year, Greenery!

Infuse your home décor with energetic greens. Revive, renew and refresh with the inspiring hues of Greenery. This lovely crisp green has sunny overtones, and is evocative of the freshness of spring. Like a breath of fresh air, this energetic hue brings the outdoors in.

Brighten up your space, and let the light in with splashes of pretty greenery. Pair lush green soft furnishings with wood surfaces to achieve a modern look. Add neutral tones such as white walls and finish off the look with contemporary art or traditional decorative elements like chandeliers and mirrors. 

Avocado green was all the rage in the 50’s and 60’s and has become synonous with midcentury modern design. With greenery as the color of the year it’s the perfect time to revamp your love of this classic era.

If you adore bright jewel tones, add geometric patterns, animal prints and sparkles of complementary colors like lemony yellow, sweetpea pink and black and white. Green looks amazing with gold too, so why not go with the subtle beauty of coffee services in delicate vibrant greens or even modernist details like gold toned lighting or side tables?

Not ready for the opulence of a green furnishings? Why rock the style with details that make your tabletop? Get sophisticated with deep green geometric glassware or classic light green goblets?

If opulent green furnishings may be a tad over the top for you, start small.  Choose sophisticated elements like deep green geometric glassware or classic light green goblets. Or add details of great modern art like Picasso inspired throw pillows embellished with that gorgeous green.

A modern and classic hue, Green evokes peacefulness, and creates inspired style that can be both refined and daring. Enjoy decorating with stunning details of bright green, nature’s sign that the world has started a new, a beautiful classically modern way to welcome in the season.


Image Credit: Pinterest and Tumblr. 

Jules Panso Pillows | Arcades Coffee Cup by Deshoulieres | Lancelot Colors Crystal Goblet by Moser | Underlay Lime Green Whiskey DecanterCrystal Highball by Moser

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