Bicos Clear Footed Water Goblet - Set Of 4

Vista Alegre

$ 50.00

A set of 4 vintage footedwater goblet with adiamond-shaped pattern was first produced in a glass factory in Marinha Grande in 1901. Originallymade by hand-cut glass artisans, this now pressed glass design is an iconic Portuguese example of beautiful glasswork. A beautiful footed goblet to bring a touch of vintage elegance to your tablescape!

  • Style: Classic
  • Type: Water Goblet
  • Height: 170 mm
  • Capacity: 280 ml
  • Weight: 1650 gr
  • From: Portugal
  • 2-3 days lead time
  • Not suitable for microwaves. For dishwashing we advise short cycles at low temperatures. Avoid frequent use in dishwashing.

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