:: Interior Design Concierge ::

Home. It's a beautiful word. We aspire to help you compose your home into an inviting space that is reflective of your lifestyle and personality. We work with customers through our Interior Design Concierge services to curate furnishings, decor, lighting and accessories to compliment your lifestyle and fine taste. Whether you want to breathe new life into your home decoration or a brand new fresh start, we will help create overall looks and suggest items to suite your style.

:: Gift Registry Concierge ::

When starting a new life together you are blending both of your personal styles and creating a new interior design personality to reflect the both of you. Through our Gift & Wedding Registry Concierge program, our interior design experts assist you in cultivating a new interior design style and curate the perfect wedding registry home decor and tabletop to help decorate and celebrate your new life together.

Need some help finding your design style? Combining homes to find 'your' style within your Wedding Registry? We'll help you by exploring your home decor and home entertaining style and help create beautiful living spaces for you to make memories in. We strive to bring you hard to find unique, artisanal, luxury home decor from around the globe with a modern glam edge.

Surround yourself with art, interesting and beautiful things. Life isn't long enough to waste time looking at not so gorgeous things. To schedule an appointment to speak to one of our Design Concierges email us with the form below.

We look forward to helping you find your personal style and turning up the volume on it!

Live, Dine & Celebrate in Style.

xoxo Vanessa