Top 3 Sexy Cocktails to Romance your Love on Valentine's Day

Love Potion Craft Cocktails to get lucky with this Valentine's Day and year round

Sexy pink Valentine's Day cocktailsWith Valentine's Day around the corner we had to share these ultimate sexy cocktails that would make any heart warm up! We teamed up with Snakeoil Cocktail Company to style these heartbreakingly gorgeous craft cocktails for your Valentine's Day inspiration. Whether you are wining and dining your love or want to toast your bff's on Galentine's Day, we wanted to deliver the ultimate sexy cocktails that will make your day more festive, fun and delicious! 
Sexy pink Valentine's Day Cocktails
Sexy red Valentine's Day Cocktails


Old School Crush Cocktail

(served in an old school sour in coupe glass)

2 oz Wild Turkey ​B​ourbon
0.5 Oloroso ​S​herry
5 Muddled ​B​lack ​C​herries
1.5 oz Fresh ​P​ressed ​L​emon ​J​uice
1.5 oz ​F​ig ​I​nfused ​H​oney ​S​yrup
1 ​C​age​-​free ​E​gg ​W​hite
Garnished with a black cherry heart



Tops and Bottoms Cocktail

(layered in a double old fashioned glass)

1.5 oz Espolon ​S​ilver ​T​equila
1.5 oz Fresh ​P​ressed ​L​ime
1.5 oz Black ​L​ime ​S​yrup
1 oz Mulled ​W​ine ​F​loat
Garnished with ​S​played ​V​anilla ​B​ean and ​S​tar ​A​nise


Credits: Luna Photo, Isari Flower Studio

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