7 Coffee Table Decor Styles to Covet

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Top Coffee Table Decorating Tips 

When it comes to making a home feel homey, it's the small personal touches that show your character and style. The way someone styles their coffee table can tell you a lot about a person! What they're interested in, their quirks and interests. You can peek in their books, boxes and see what makes the cut and makes them smile. With limited landscape to play with, selecting key pieces of coffee table decor to combine to make the perfect vignette can be tricky!

From starting with the perfect tray, tossing in some scented candles, vases with fresh flowers and accent decor.  Maybe a stack of sleek fashion books or vintage novels, or objet d'art and cool sculptures.

Your coffee table is where you want to come sit down and relax. Light a candle, grab a book or cozy up on the couch for a movie. It's the centerpiece of your living room and something you gaze upon often! My motto is only surround yourself with beautiful things that make you smile so make your coffee table vignette count! 

Here are my top 7 Coffee Table Decor ideas that will give you inspiration on stepping up your styling game. 


Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Fresh & Feminine

Show off your eclectic personality with cool sculptures, travel keep sakes and tropical plants. Have fun mixing and matching stone, marble and metal and don't afraid to take risks! Sometimes fun, off little touches are what makes great design interesting and fun! 

Bold & Daring

Simplicity is key when making minimal bold statements. We love the glossy fashion coffee table book and shiny gold jack! 


Sometimes you just want to create a space that feels, well, livable. A space where people feel comfortable putting their feet up on the coffee table and aren't afraid to pick up a book and start thumbing through it. I love these dramatic branches, chunky coral and stacks of book to invite guests to come and hang.  

High Glam

Nothing is more classic, and glam, than black and white. This lacquered black tray with chrome candleholder and white crisp orchids screams glamour! 

Fresh & Bright

I am a huge sucker for any and everything white and love this big leather embossed tray to offer up a sleek bone striped remote box and bold proteas. Sunny, bright and fresh!

Sleek & Sexy

High shine, high drama and lots of texture make this coffee table vignette very sleek and sexy! The fuchsia pops of color make it feminine and bold but still playful. We'd love to see this in a girl boss' piede a tierre! 


No holds bar when styling your eclectic coffee table vignette! We love how this one features various height playful sculptures, cool books, a brass firefly and vintage books! Show off some cool travel mementos or keep sakes such as special crystals and souvenirs for fun talking pieces. Sometimes fun, off beat little touches are what makes great design interesting and fun! 

Coffee Table Decor Ideas

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