A Fresh Take on Classic Interiors with Amy Carman

We love creating bright, clean-lined interiors that feel great to spend time in. It’s a look that’s easy to love. Spaces that mix fresh, modern elements with classic, down-to-earth materials create a sense of airy comfort, relaxation, and easy living. There are few essential ingredients that make this look possible.

Symmetry, balance and simplicity are key.

Whether you’re designing a kitchen or furnishing a living room, keep the layout simple. Avoid angles, swoopy curves and accent walls. Find the center of the room or the big sightline into the space and build around it. Your furniture arrangement, your cabinet layout should all work to reinforce those sightlines. Always look for ways to create symmetry and balance, they are fundamental to good design.

Classic colors, timeless materials, and plenty of white.

It might go without saying, but a bright interior needs plenty of white to keep the space feeling airy and light. White ceilings and walls are often a good starting point. Bring in the warmth with materials like textured honey toned wood floors, gray and white marble, caramel leather upholstery and aged metals like brass, iron or steel. Navy is a go-to color for our design team. It’s timeless, trend-proof, and versatile. Whether we are pairing navy kitchen cabinets with brass hardware, or upholstering a sectional in dark blue velvet, the results are always stunning and will stand the test of time. We love a good baseball glove colored leather, whether it’s in the form of barstools, sofas, or a club chair. Layer on pattern with textiles and pillows for depth. Look for ways to create contrast, putting black to work in the form of painted windows frames, metal accents, and graphic artwork.

Be a good editor.

Avoid the urge to overdecorate. Find your favorite accessories, framed photos, and keepsakes, and give them room to breathe. Too many items can result in diminishing returns, when there is too much to visual clutter to process. Look for big coffee table books on subjects that are meaningful to you, whether it is travel, food, or culture and stack them within easy reach so they are regularly opened.

“Always look for ways to create symmetry and balance,
they are fundamental to good design.

-Amy Carman

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Meet Amy Carman

As the firm’s founder and principal designer, Amy has built a reputation for taking a holistic approach to design rooted in interior architecture, technical skill and creativity.

Earning her degree in art and design from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Amy moved to Milwaukee to focus on her design career. After gaining experience in the residential design and construction industry, she ventured out on her own. Now, after ten years in business, what started as a one-woman enterprise has flourished into a respected young design firm. The firm’s award-winning work has been featured in Luxe Magazine, Milwaukee Magazine, the Journal Sentinel, Houzz, and HGTV.com among others.

In addition to her love of art and architecture, Amy enjoys traveling and spending time with her daughter, Ava, and husband, Aaron. The family recently traversed the country in their renovated vintage airstream trailer.

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