Fall is here, the leaves are crisp, the pumpkin lattes are warm and it's time to start planning your holidays dinner parties. Infuse your curated tablescapes with eclectic designs and heirloom treasures that your family will appreciate (and grandkids will eventually call out it's theirs one day!) for years to come. 

The Domo Gold collection by Vista Alegre is such a classic style that could easily be used for all of your holiday use and more with simple updates to customize the look. We added a purple dessert plate for a dose of color and mixed the Bicos glassware with the Elegante wine glasses for a fun play on texture and pattern. 

For a truly heirloom worthy treasure the City vase by Moser is a gem that will be cherished for generations that we can't take our eyes off. Whether boasting fall hued blooms or set alone, this handcrafted crystal beauty is a work of art to be appreciated. 

Now what to serve? Coming soon...

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